You’d be surprised the amount of information people carry on their smartphone. This information varies from sensitive to personal ones that no else should see unless if you want them to. This is where applocks come in, applocks provides much-needed security around apps that we don’t want just anyone to have access to.

App locks are very much necessary, you can have app lock downloaded on your PC and your phone. There are quite a number of applocks out there, which is why we are offering the best ones to choose from for your Android phone. Here is a list of applocks we think you should try o

1. Norton App Lock

Norton is a big name associated with software security, you would most likely know them for their antivirus software. However, they also have a solid app locker for android smartphones that not only gets the job done but gets it done well. Although not available in every country, you can easily download the Norton app lock apk on the web.

It recommends apps you should lock and automatically lock and you can lock your apps with a pattern or passcode. It also allows fingerprint unlock and you can set a recovery email as well in case you forget how to log in. There is a sneak peek feature that takes the picture of an intruder like a bunch of other applocks in 2021.

2. AppLock by Domobile Lab

This is one of those apps that does a little bit of everything from locking your apps, pictures, videos, to locking your Bluetooth and WiFi. You also get an auto-sync feature that prevents the loss of locked photos and videos. You can decide to switch between pattern lock or password and maybe allow the use of fingerprint unlock as well.

Your settings and the app itself are locked by default, with a recommendation of apps you should lock available at your fingertips. You get to enjoy nice features like icon camouflage where you can disguise the app as a calculator, compass, or spirit level and a randomize keyboard feature to throw off prying eyes.

Other features include a cover to throw off intruders with an on-screen fingerprint or an “Unfortunately Applock has stopped working” prompt. There’s also intruder selfie ca

3. AppLock by SailingLab

Moving on to another app lock, this right here has proven to be one of the ideal options you can have. Even without the robust features that some other apps have, AppLock by SailingLab does the primary function of securing your apps.

In addition, it allows you to hide videos and pictures in its built-in vault away from prying eyes. An added bonus here is the ‘Whatsapp Status Saver’ it throws into the mix. It does exactly what the name says — allows you to save media posted by your friends on their directly to your phone.

AppLock by SailingLab is available on the

4. Lockit

Lockit is a decent app-locking tool incorporating those nice little tricks these kinds of apps are known for. Some of its features include Intruder Selfie & Lock Diguise, Fake Fingerprint Lock, Fake Force Close prompt, etc. Once installed, the app locks any app installed after that by default while also giving you the opportunity to secure previously-installed apps.

You can also decide to incorporate fingerprint unlock for faster access to locked apps. Aside that, there is the Photo Vault and Video Vault where you can hide as many photos and videos as you want.

You can get Lockit on Android from the

5. Smart AppLock (App Protect)

To be fair, Smart AppLock is more than just an app that prevents unauthorized access to apps. It has a plateau of other features like One-tap Phone Boost, Battery Saver, Junk Clean, Network Analyzer, and Photo Detector. Not to mention the pictures and videos hiding feature while serving as secure locks for apps.

Moreso, it automatically adds an unwarranted “notification toggle” in your device’s Notification Panel when you open it after installation. This is something I didn’t appreciate personally. Also, you need to grant notification access to the app before you can disable the notification toggle in the app’s settings. That aisde, it does the job of keeping your apps safe at the end of the day.

Smart AppLock free download is available

6. AppLock by SpSoft

This is arguably the best app lock on this list. The app has everything you could possibly need in an app lock. First, there is the usual fingerprint, (numeric & alphanumeric) password, pattern, as well as a gesture lock feature. This app lock lets you to randomize password buttons on each attempt or even add password hint to serve as a reminder.