AADHAR will become a PAN Card in just 10 minutes

We have recently brought some new information which will be very useful for you. You do not have to wait long to get a PAN card. With just a little online process you will be able to create your own pen card using your Aadhaar card.

The new PAN card has been made mandatory by the Income Tax Department. Without a PIN card, you cannot open a bank account or file an income tax return. While pen cards have become an integral part of money transactions, you can now easily create one if you have not yet created a pen card. Earlier it used to take a long stretch to make a pan but now within a few minutes it becomes a pan card and comes in handy. We will show you an easy way through which you can also make a pen with the help of Aadhaar card.

The Income Tax Department is now providing a facility through which instant PAN card can be created in 10 minutes (Aadhaar Card). You have to enter your Aadhaar card number in the Instant PenCard application form and then an OTP will be sent to your linked mobile phone for e-KYC. Then in just 10 minutes you will get a pencard in PDF format.

For this, learn the step by step process. The Income Tax Department has included the new PAN card in the mandatory documents. Without it, you can either open a your bank account or file a tax return

PAN card is also mandatory for large transactions. You make it immediately. For this, you do not even have to fill a form. We are telling you about a special online process by which you can make a pen card yourself.

In just 10 minutes your new PAN card will be:

You can create a new pen card for free in just 10 minutes using your Aadhaar number. It will be generated online. You have to provide the Aadhaar number in the Instant E-Pen Card application form. Then an OTP will be sent to the mobile number in the link given here to complete the e-KYC process.

Aadhaar card is issued by Unique Identification Authority of India i.e. UIDAI. When the pen card is declared to the Income Tax Department. It has a total of 10 digits alphanumeric. In just 10 minutes of new applying, you get a PAN card in PDF format.

Online process to get PAN card:

1. Here you have to go to e-filing portal and click on ‘Instant PAN through Aadhaar’ to get PAN card through Income Tax Department. Then choose Then Get New Pan. Now you will be asked for an Aadhaar number and then an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number. You will be issued an e-PAN after OTP verification.

2. Here after the applicant gets a copy of the PAN card in PDF format, the QR code contains the demographic details and photo. 15 number will appear on the registered mobile number while applying. It can be used to download e-PAN. A copy will be sent to the email ID of the application. Email ID must be registered with Aadhaar Card.

PAN card can also be created with the help of NSDL and UTITSL. Using these two, you will have to pay a charge to create a PAN card. So you can get PAN card for free from Income Tax Department website.

4. With the help of instant pen facility, you avoid the hassle of filling any form. You can easily create a PAN card based on the required information. You do not have the permission required to post. PAN card gets linked automatically with the help of Aadhaar card.

5. It takes only 10 minutes for an instant PAN card, the Income Tax Department said. A total of 6.7 lakh people have generated PAN immediately.

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