Did you buy online from an indigenous app? Do you know what an indigenous application is?

Hello friends, do you shop online?

Do you know where the money that you buy online goes?

Does the money you buy online stay in the country or go to another country?

Did you know that there is an application in our country which helps our country financially even in times of trouble by its owner who has donated as much money to our country in the time of Corona as his income is not so much as his name is Ratan Tata. .

Friends, at present there is a conflict between the armies of China and India and Pakistan is also doing something on the border of India.

China currently supports Pakistan and opposes any sanctions imposed by India.

So the application that you buy online is made by more and more chin which you are not asked to boycott but it is an important application of our country which is “TATA CLIQ” by Mr. Ratan Bhai Tata who is an important citizen of our country. There is an app that sells everything online and offers different types of discounts than any other, so let us tell you friends that this app is a free home delivery and purchased by you from your country’s indigenous app. All the money for the goods will remain in our country and will be useful for our country as our country is always in trouble then Ratan Tata Saheb Shree has made the biggest donation of all time so friends you all should download this application and through this application Request you to shop online.

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