Get Rs 500 by sending a picture of a vehicle parked on the road, find out the easy way

It often happens that you park the vehicle on the side of the road or in a place where there is no parking. Then you leave the vehicle and leave. But the government is going to legislate by making strict rules to stop this work. Not only the police administration but anyone can seize such vehicles. And his method will also be much simpler. Wherever you see a vehicle parked in the parking lot, take a photo of it and send it to the number issued by the government. Following the complaint, the owner of the vehicle will be fined Rs.

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari said the government was going to bring a law in this regard soon. Nitin Gadkari said he was considering enacting a law to curb the trend of improperly parked vehicles on the road. Gadkari said, “I am going to bring a law that a vehicle parked on the road will be fined Rs.1000.” On the other hand, a sender will be given Rs.500 for taking a picture of a vehicle parked incorrectly.

Nitin Gadkari lamented that people do not make parking space for their vehicles. Instead they park their vehicles on the road. In a light tone, he said, my cook in Nagpur also has two second hand vehicles. Today, a family of four owns six cars. It seems that the people of Delhi are lucky. We hit the road to park their vehicle!

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