There is good news for the farmers of Gujarat. In which the Chief Minister is to announce a new assistance scheme to provide relief to the farmers of the state in crop loss. It may be mentioned that in case of loss of kharif crop, provision has been made to give compensation of more than Rs. 20,000 per hectare. Separate required compensation will be paid for losses up to 50 per cent and above.

Government increased assistance

Natural disasters such as drought, heavy rains, droughts, unseasonal rains, hail

Natural disasters such as droughts, heavy rains, droughts, unseasonal rains, and hailstorms cause extensive damage to crops. In such a dire situation, assistance of Rs. 6,70 to Rs. 13,500 is paid under the rule of SDRF up to a maximum of two hectares.

While in the new scheme to be announced by the government, the standard of relief has been increased to four hectares as well as more than 20 thousand per hectare. It is to be mentioned that the final op of this new scheme has been given. Under which the offices of the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare in the capital were constantly throbbing even on the last day i.e. Sunday.

The offices of the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare were constantly throbbing

In this case, according to high-ranking officials, the scheme is an alternative to the crop insurance scheme. The scheme covers 30 to 50 per cent crop loss and more than 50 per cent both. The principle of compensation for losses in both the phases has also been adopted. The scheme will not be included in the relief disaster regulator of the government’s revenue department, while the scheme will be implemented under the auspices of the Director of Agriculture.

The principle of compensation for losses was also adopted

It may be mentioned that in the new Agriculture Loss Relief Assistance Scheme, the Gujarat Government will provide additional relief from its own budget in addition to the relief available to the world in crop damage based on the rules of SDRF. It may be mentioned that for a long time now, farmers have been fighting against the government and insurance companies over crop insurance.

In the meantime, news of a relief has come to light. In the year 2019, when the standing crop was severely damaged due to unseasonal rains in October-November, the state government announced a massive aid package of Rs 3796 crore to help the world. It is worth mentioning that the government relied on additional assistance from its own budget.