Indane is the largest LPG marketer worldwide and in Indian, the company was introduced in the year 1964 and 1965 and since that it acquired one of the highest stake in the market. It is subsidiary company of Indian oil. It also got the title for the super brand in the market. This is one of the famous brand which provide a safe way of cooking wood. It also provide pipeline to urban area. Here we are going to provide all the possible ways to book a Indian gas.

Different Ways to Book Indane Gas

Here is the list for all the possible 5 ways to book the gas. Out of this, 4 of them are online methods and one is the offline method. Online methods are more easy provided you have all details of all those  methods and one is the offline method. After booking, you will get a booking reference number with the help of which you can trace your gas.

Now, you will get the details of this methods.

Indane Gas IVRS Booking

One of the method is the IVRS booking. In this you need to call a IVRS number. Here are the steps for this –

  1. You need to call to the IVR number with your registered mobile number and if the number is not registered, you first need to get yourself registered. This is an automated process, therefore you can use this 24*7.
  2. Call on the number and press 1 to decide the language and after this provide all the details and book the gas. After this you will get the confirmation SMS on your number.
  3. The IVR number for Indane gas is different for different distributors and you can find the list of all those numbers at the end of this article. You can call a particular number as per the region.

Indane Gas- SMS Booking

This is another online way to book the gas. Here you book the gas through the SMS, for this here are the steps for this method –

  1. First you need to get your number registered with the distributor. You need to visit to the distributor. You can send a SMS to one of the Indane gas number and get yourself confirmed. The content of the message should be IOC <Distributor Number><Consumer Number>
  2. After getting yourself registered, you can send IOC to the number and after that your booking will be confirmed. And, you will get a confirmation SMS after that.

Indane Gas Online Booking

This is 3rd online method for the booking of the gas. Here you need to visit their online portal and from their you can book your gas. Here are the steps for this –

Here are the steps for login –

  1. First download the app and after this login the app. You can use either use the registered phone number for the login and the customer id.
  2. After login, you can book the gas and finally make the payment through the web and you can also use the cash on delivery method for this.
  3. If your number is not a registered number, you need to get your number registered with the Indane gas and for this you can either call to their IVRS number and can also visit there nearest agency.

Indane Gas – Distributor

This is the offline method for the booking of the gas. For this, you need to visit the local distributor, There, you need to book the gas. After booking, your gas get confirmed and you will get a reference id and you can trace your booking from this reference id. Here is the link for finding the nearest distributor –