Inflation hits the people of the country: LPG gas cylinder price hike Find out how much the price has gone up?

The price of liquefied petroleum gas was also hiked on Thursday as inflation has already shaken the common man’s budget. According to sources, the price of domestic cooking gas has been increased by Rs 3.50 from today. With this increase, the price of domestic LPG cylinder has crossed the mark of Rs.1000. Apart from this, the price of domestic LPG cylinder, commercial cylinder has also been increased by Rs 8.

After the change in rates, a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder will now cost Rs 1,003 in Delhi. In Kolkata, the rates have been revised to Rs. 1029 per cylinder, and after the rate hike in Chennai the price of a cylinder has gone up to Rs. Will be 1018.5.

Rs per cylinder With the addition of 8, a 19 kg commercial cylinder will cost Rs. Will be available in 2354. For Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, the new rates are Rs. 2454, Rs. 2306 and Rs. Is 2507.

Earlier, domestic LPG prices were hiked by Rs 50 per cylinder on May 7 in line with the rise in international energy prices.

Jet fuel prices rose sharply by 5.3% on Monday – the tenth consecutive increase this year – at an all-time high corresponding to a surge in global energy prices.

Aviation turbine fuel (ATF), the fuel that helps fly airplanes, was priced at ષ્ટ્રીય 6,188.25 per kiloliter or 5.29% to ₹ 1,23,039.71 per kilo (₹ 123 per liter) in the national capital.

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