When you want to upload your video or story to social media but you can’t, as the video has duration over the determined limit. This app will help you to split your video become any parts based on duration you set in the configuration so you could still upload your video partially.

Story Cutter helps you to split your long videos into stories, so that they can be shared in all social media platforms .

Upload your video stories to Instagram/WhatsApp without any Limit. As Instagram and Whatsapp have 10 sec and 30 sec time limit respectively,

  • ✓ Simple and easy user interface
  • ✓ Cut your long video into stories or status.
  • ✓ High Quality: no compression or distortion to your long videos.
  • ✓ No Watermark!
  • ✓ Preview the video result
  • ✓ Intuitive and easy editor to split your video.
  • ✓ Great for Instagram Stories, Facebook, Whatsapp Status, Snapchat and other social networks.

What You Get

  • Full Android Source Code
  • Admob Ads Integration
  • Full Document with Screen Shot.